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unbindControl(Control) - Method in class org.cell2d.CellGame
Unbinds the specified Control from its command, if it is bound to one.
UNIT - Static variable in class org.cell2d.Frac
One fracunit, equal to 2 to the power of BITS, or 4294967296.
units(double) - Static method in class org.cell2d.Frac
Returns the equivalent of the specified double in fracunit scale.
unload() - Method in interface org.cell2d.Loadable
Unloads this Loadable if it is currently loaded.
unload() - Method in class org.cell2d.Music
unload() - Method in class org.cell2d.Sound
unload() - Method in class org.cell2d.Sprite
Unloads this Sprite if it is currently loaded.
unload() - Method in class org.cell2d.SpriteSheet
Unloads this SpriteSheet, along with all of its Sprites, if it is currently loaded.
unloadLoadables() - Method in class
Unloads all of this TiledArea's stored Loadables that are currently loaded.
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